That Obligatory First Post

There is always a first posting on a website, this is ours.

Soon, it will be forgotten in the flood of information to come, and soon it will be just a fading memory in the mind of the author, and its words will lose their power, and the ideas behind them could be forgotten, and eventually will.

Complacency is the killer of good journalism, and UK news provision has become complacent.

We’d like to do something about that, and we need your help.

We want to make the news democratically minded again.

What do we mean by that? Well, simply, news is there to serve democracy, not leverage the owner of the news source’s agenda. It is only by holding those who have power over us to account that democracy can function properly, and everything a news organisation does should be geared to holding that lofty idea above all else.

We hope to do that, to be given that rare privilege to be part of the democratic process, to help deliver news to you, wherever you need it, and to do so fairly, honestly and transparently.

We see an opportunity to do that via acquisition, partial or full, of the UK local television network. This is not a cheap thing to do, but we believe the financial risk of doing so should fall to the market, not the general public directly; but in order to do that, we need to pay for the appropriate legal, banking and accounting structures to make it happen (i.e hand it all over to the professionals to sort out), and we need help raising the up-front money that we need to make it happen.

We’ve set a target of £250,000, so we can cover all eventualities. It is likely we can start the process with much less, however, and we believe around £60,000 (£65k would be safest, due to platform charges), which means we could get the process started, and ended as quickly as possible (one of the stations is already up for sale).

This is where you come in. What value do you place on democracy? Can freedom have a value? Is it not a priceless thing, to have freedom and democracy in a country? If that’s true, to you or yours, or you know people for whom that is true, why not ask them to support us? You can make a financial donation here (donation, so we are not beholden to anyone, and can remain fiercely independent).

We get lots and lots of tweets, Facebook shares, and such, what we usually fail to get is any money. If our mission is important to you, please help us out with as much as you can, we get one shot at this, and time is running out.

Many thanks for all of your support.

Featured Image “1” by Frédéric BISSON on Flickr Creative Commons 2 License.

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