Absolute News is being set up as a Special Purpose Vehicle to buy-out local television services in the UK, to make a news-focused network, to rebalance reporting of important issues like Brexit, the NHS crisis, disabled rights and failures of democracy via foreign state actor interference with our elections. The main stream media seem determined to ignore the issues (with some notable exceptions, like The Guardian), and that’s not good enough.

This is not about the Liberal Elite, it’s about serving democracy by holding power to account, and questioning everything.

If you’d like to help us on our mission, you can make a donation to the cause here.

We are trying to raise a very small amount of money (£20,000) to pay professionals to help us structure and set up the venture correctly so we can make a real impact. We are asking for donations, not investment, because we believe that the venture will take some time to turn any kind of profitability, until we can better explore working business models – but Brexit cannot wait that long, and needs our and your urgent attention now.

Here’s how your money will be used:

  1. To hire and work with a structuring and sponsorship team, lead by internationally renowned sponsorship specialist James Melville from 95 Group.
  2. Covering the costs of legal and accounting structuring required to privately place our securities to private investors.
  3. Engage a private placement specialist to allow the placement structured as above.

This approach uses the least amount of up-front money, which means it becomes achievable within, we hope, a reasonable time-frame.

The local television franchises in the UK are based in large cities and towns and are currently under-resourced and failing to serve local communities as well as they could. Our approach puts the viewer back at the centre of democracy, by helping to keep them informed, which strengthens democracy. Their infrastructure costs have been paid for by the BBC as part of the BBC’s 2010 license settlement.

Please help us with our important mission. Democracy in the UK needs you.